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Specializing in Dogs and Cats

Sandy Hill Animal Clinic has been serving the pet community for many years. We specialize in cats and dogs of all sizes. We have three doctors on staff for all animal emergencies. Come in and meet Dr. Anast, Dr Katrina Kucera DVM, Dr Heather Groghan . Please feel free to call our front desk receptionists for a warm and kind greeting. Hopefully, whatever the issue is with your pet, Dr. Anast and staff will take care of you and your pet. We look forward to talking with you soon.


Your pet deserves the best medical care, so leave it to the people who have TLC running through their blood.

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Posted by jasonparker on 01/07/2011 
Dear Hater, I'm sorry you might have been there on a busy day or hellacious day . I know I have lost 6 dogs at Sandy Hill over the past few years. Dr. Anist knows when to show you compassion or give you space. He has also helped me extend my dogs lives and stayed on me about being a responsible owner of dog packs. I have also fostered and adopted cats from his office over the years and had charges looked over. Great Las Vegas Business man 
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Posted by ToServeAndProtect on 09/01/2010 
As ou can see below, they eliminated the response to a disturbed individual, who goes by the name of “dieDr Anast” and I can see why.
First of all, you better clean out your eyes and other parts of your body, because, obviously, you're full of it from your feet to your eyes. With yours being the only review like this out of 5 other positive reviews, there is definitely something wrong with this picture, and it appears to be you. No doubt, you're leaving something out that would indicate just who and what an imbecile you really are.
I've been going to Dr. Anast for the past 30 years, and have not had one, not one, negative experience. He has treated 3 different dogs for me during that period of time and the first two lived a long and healthy lives, well beyond their expected longevity for their breeds. I expect the same for my third dog, as she is only 3 years old at present. 
He once had to treat my second dog to the extent that he took her to his private home and had her sleep in there so he could observe her and make sure she got all her medication on schedule. So ... don't tell me about Dr. Anast! 
Again, you being the only negative person of a total of 6 on this site, it only makes sense that it's you with the problem and likely the bad apple in this barrel. Go find another clinic. I'm sure Dr. Anast and everyone else would be over joyed. You're so off base here, you don't deserve the time it took me to write this, but I write it for those who should know more about Dr. Anast and his wonderful, compassionate clinic and staff. I would rather waste my time on you, rather than have to give any credibility to the childish comment you made. Your language alone, depicts a person who needs to see a doctor, and I'm not speaking of physical heath reasons. 
I truly wish you the best, and my sympathy wholeheartedly goes out to your dog, which you call "little friend." I sure hope you treat him better than your elementary note of criticism indicates. Your dog deserves to have an adult taking care of him. I can only imagine the life that poor dog must be leading. 
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Posted by ohmeowzer on 07/30/2010 
i took my cats lydia and fiona to sandy hill and they did a awesome job !! dr anast is awesome and dr stevens is soo sweet !! today i took lydia into see dr stevens because she had a resp infection ,, lydia curled up and was good and quiet for dr stevens .. she sensed she was in good hands with her. i was so grateful for the kindness toward my sick fur baby... on dec 17th 2008 i lost my best friend kizzykat , dr anest took kizzy home with him the night of the 16th because he knew she couldn't be alone .. dr anest is soo wonderful and kind to his patients .. i just love him ,, i couldn't tell you how grateful i am to the dr's and staff at sandy hill , Kizzykat passed away in my arms and i was so grateful to be know she had the best care she could have.. please take your animals to Sandy Hill... they are the best bethany G. 
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Posted by gabbysmom1 on 06/17/2010 

Sandy Hill was a pleasant (as can be, of course) for both Gabby our 2 year old cat that adopted US, and myself. We took her to Sandy Hill for examination, shots, etc. We were very fortunate to find Dr. Carol Stevens who was very passionate, thorough and professional with Gabby. This kitty seemed to trust Dr. Stevens completly. Thank you Dr. Stevens for making this a good visit for both of us! We'll see you next year for our annual check us!
Lynn McCarthy 
Posted by critzds on 05/19/2008

I have used Dr. Anast for several years, been through several animals & thier care & have 3 friends who use him as well on my recommendation & we all love him. I have always been able to get an appointment within a week. If its an urgent issue he does not hesitate to have me come in right away. His pricing is very doable. I would highly recommend Dr. Anast & his staff to anyone in Las Vegas, Henderson or the area. 
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Posted by PawsTrainer on 08/31/2007 

Dr. Anast reminds me of a small town vet with an exellent bedside manner and a gentle, caring nature! He is the first vet I have seen in Las Vegas that truly cares about his patients. Every bit worth my time and drive!!! 
Jennifer Dellos 
Posted by Konajohnlv on 08/28/2007 
Sandy Hill Animal Clinic truly loves and takes the best care of my Lab Kona...I moved on the west side of town and drive 30min and the time is worth the service.Thanks John Smith.

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